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Butterfly Tapestry Wall Hanging - Boho Vintage Illustration Aesthetic

Butterfly Tapestry Wall Hanging - Boho Vintage Illustration Aesthetic

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Transform your space into a sanctuary of natural beauty with our Butterfly Tapestry Wall Hanging - a captivating blend of boho chic and vintage illustration aesthetics.

Perfect for adding a touch of nature to your room decor, this exquisite piece features illustrations of different types of butterflies, delicately printed onto its design.

Crafted with care, this rectangular tapestry boasts vibrant vintage colours and intricate details. Whether you hang it as a boho wall hanging in your bedroom or living room, its vintage charm will elevate any space.

Measuring 95x73cm, it's ideal for creating a focal point or adding texture to your room decor.

Let the whimsical illustrations of butterflies flutter across your walls, bringing a sense of wonder and tranquility to your surroundings.

Decorate your room with a touch of nature and artistic flair using our Butterfly Tapestry Wall Hanging.

Embrace the beauty of vintage-inspired artistry and infuse your space with bohemian elegance today.

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