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Glass Hanging Vases for Flowers, Plants (or Fish!)

Glass Hanging Vases for Flowers, Plants (or Fish!)

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Introducing our versatile Hanging Vase Glass, a multifunctional piece perfect for adding charm to any space.

Crafted with high-quality glass, this Flower Vase effortlessly transforms into a terrarium, fish tank, or aquarium container, making it a unique and adaptable addition to your home decor collection.

Whether you're displaying fresh blooms, creating a miniature garden, or housing your favourite aquatic creatures, this Hanging Vase Glass offers endless possibilities for garden, home, or wedding decor.

With its sleek, minimalistic design and transparent construction, it seamlessly blends into any setting, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your surroundings.

Hung together these elegant hanging planters create beautiful features in any room, office or wedding. Why not recreate your own version of our pictures.


Each order contains:
1 x hanging vase (plant not included)
1 x rope

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